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About Ana Paula Merenholz de Aquino

Ana Paula was born in Salvador, was raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in New York. She started her artistic career as a model at 15. When she graduated High School she moved to NYC where she studied acting with Uta Hagen at Herbert Berghof Studios and at Lee Strasberg Institute - Actor's Studio, amongst others.

When she was back to Brazil, she joined Macunaima Theater Group under the supervision of Antunes Filho, and soon she returned to the Big Apple, when she made her theater debut at the Off Broadway Spanish Repertory Theater under Antune's direction in the production Nelson 2 Rodrigues. She remained there for another year taking part of other theater productions in Spanish along with Repertorio's group, in addition to taking part of Latin Theater Festivals and Tours.

It was by chance that at that time she had her first professional Voice over gig.

Once back to Brazil again, she joined a program of Translating and Interpreting at Alumni Association and has graduated as an English - Portuguese - English translator and interpreter. Since then, she has worked in Seminars, Talks and Congresses, doing simultaneous translations in many different segments. Some of the companies she has worked for are: Equifax, Avon, Acatec, Dionex, Oesp Midia, Bellsouth, Philips, McDonald's, Fair Isaac Consulting, Emae SP, Petrobras, etc.

While working as an Interpreter, she kept on striving as an actress, focusing her career on TV gigs, such as TV Commercials for: Palmolive, Droga SP, Atroveran, Telesp Celular, Omo on Line, Seven Day Diet, amongst others, and TV programs and soap operas for: SBT TV Network- Teleteatro, Ô Coitado, “Razão de Viver”, "As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor", “Pérola Negra”.

In 1995 she made her debut as a Radio Speaker at Pool FM/ Opus FM. Since then, Ana has worked as a voice over artist for all kinds of media: TV Commercials, Radio Spots, Internet, Industrials, Telephone Services, going from Portuguese to English and Spanish. Some of her gigs include Clients such as: Dove, Avon, Marisa Department Stores, Casas Bahia Department Stores, Samsung, Nivea, Palmollive, Caterpillar, Colgate, Nestlé, Avon, Tecnisa, Royal, etc.

She has been the official voice for HBO Family Brazil's Cable TV Network for 11 years. She has been the voice behind all the Dove TV Commercials in Brazil for 6 years. Ana has also been recently selected to be the Official Announcer of all Brazilian Airports ran by Infraero.

Ana is a member of Clube da Voz, most sought after Voice Over Talent Association in Brazil of highly regarded professionals working in the Advertising Segment.

As a voice over talent she stands out as having a great voice and interpretation versatility, in addition to her foreign languages skills (English and Spanish) with little accent. Her resume includes, in addition to her native language, Portuguese, English, Spanish and some French and Italian.

As a result of her skills as interpreter, actress and voice over professional, it was a matter of time before she took over the MC - Master of Cerimonies segment, answering for all the demands of hosting an event: her communication and improvisation abilities, her great extroversion plus her eye catching persona with the foreign language handicap. Amongst the events she hosted are: DMC - DJ's International Competition; Brazilian Association of Supermarkets Meeting; Prague Theater Quadrennial - ; GE - Annual Meeting; Ericsson - Annual and International Meeting in Foz do Iguaçu; Acatec - 30 Years Meeting , etc.

Today, Ana shares her time between Voice Over and MC gigs, video presenting, acting, and the Education and Teaching online graduate program at Ceuclar - Centro de Estudos Claretiano in Philosophy.